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(GYSF) Gretna

Flag & Tackle Football

(GYSF) Gretna Flag & Tackle Football

2023 Head Coaches

GYSF values the hard work and dedication that our coaches do both on and off season.  Not only are they working hard setting up practice plans, drills, etc. there is a lot of work done prior to the season to ensure that equipment is prepared and training certifications are completed in order to comply with the USA Football safety regulations.  Thank you to ALL GYSF Coaches!

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2023 Head Tackle Coaches

3rd Grade
Green - Adam Ives
White - Dusty Hawkins

4th Grade

Green - Jesse Calabretto
White - Jeremy Porter
Black - (if necessary)

5th Grade
Green - Dustin Moore
White - Nick Wegener
Black - Shane Bass
Silver - Mitch Friehe

6th Grade
Green - Chad Rowley
White - James Feak
Black - Charlie Wilburn
Silver - 

7th Grade
Black - Andrew Friedrich
White - Josh Anderson
Green - (if necessary)

8th Grade
Green - Jon Bowling
White - (if necessary)

2023 Head Flag Coaches

1st grade
Chiefs - Cory Sobczyk
Vikings - Tyler Smith

2nd grade
Titans - Brian Hansen
Broncos - Kurt Nielsen
Raiders - Zac Vaiskunas

3rd grade
Bears - Mike Sanders
Packers - Justin Haugen
Cowboys - Jeremy Porter

4th grade
Patriots - Jack Rhoads, Alex Runge, Aiden Rohrer & Michael Scheef
Cardinals - Anthony Petersen
Bucs - Andy Larson
Commanders - Kurt Nielsen