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(GYSF) Gretna

Flag & Tackle Football

(GYSF) Gretna Flag & Tackle Football

Is your child ready for tackle football?

Only you as parents can determine whether your child is ready for this step.  You will want to consider the time commitment (normally 2-3 practices a week and a game after school starts, up to 5 practices prior to school starting) and attentiveness of your child.  Can he/she stay focused for a 1 1/2 or 2 hour practice?   As we would never discourage playing other sports, it is not advisable to play tackle football and another fall sport (fall baseball, soccer, martial arts) in order to get the most out of the football experience.  All Games are played on Sundays.

Quoted from a USA Football Parent...

Safety:  The reality is that no youth sport is void of risk. For example, my son often (unintentionally) butted heads with other players playing soccer and flag football, coming away with bloody noses and bruised heads. He experienced neither with tackle football. One reason starts with how they are coached.

Size: We found that starting tackle football at a younger age was a safety advantage. When the boys are smaller and weigh less at a younger age is the time to start tackle. To learn early on to play the right way and in an organization which teaches safe play. We did NOT want him to continue to play flag then switch to tackle at or shortly before playing high school (tackle) football.

Another aspect of safety is the “striper” program. Players are designated as “stripers” when they meet or exceed a weight threshold, by age group. Those designated stripers have a highlighted stripe sticker on their helmet which easily identifies them as being ineligible to carry the football. This translates to a safer game as the bigger kids can’t run the ball. My son is a striper and he loved it, doing battle in the trenches as both an offensive lineman and defensive tackle. There were many smaller players who were able to play a variety of positions on both sides of the ball.

Conditioning: Conditioning was a major reason the boys stayed healthy throughout the season. Strength and cardiovascular conditioning meant the boys played with proper form throughout the games the entire season.

Equipment: Equipment sold today is built to absorb impact way more than when I was a kid. Equipment manufacturers have a vested interest in making safer helmets and pads. Even “entry level” equipment is built to the highest safety standards.

We proudly support Gretna Public Schools and run our organization as a Feeder program to Gretna High School.


1. REGISTER NOW & Pay by Equipment Uniform Order (June) to secure your placement on a team.
2. Click LOGIN (if you have an account) or REGISTER (to create an account)

3. Forgot your password?  Click on Forgot Username or Password.  If you still can't reset it, email [email protected].

4. If you are NOT paying at the time of registration, please make sure to go all the way through the registration and when it comes to Pay in Full, click CONTINUE and change the drop down from Credit to Check.  You can still return to your account anytime to pay by credit card.
5. Other Payment Options:  Mail to GYSF, PO BOX 514, Gretna, NE  68028 OR VENMO @GYSF-Football

6. REMEMBER - All payments MUST be completed by Equipment Uniform Ordering in June in order to be placed on a team.     


Grade Divisions
(Grade based on Fall 2022)
2022 Rates
3rd-8th grade$300
($3 Service Fee will also be  added to this amount)

** Keep your game jersey & game pants at season end.

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT:  Register by May 1, 2022 and receive $10 off Registration Fee

 $50 off each of the next children registered in Tackle
(No Discount for registering a child in tackle & another in flag)

complete until Paid in Full  (Cash, Check, Credit Card or VENMO @GYSF-Football)

LATE REGISTRATION after JUNE 1:  $25 Late Fee added to Registration
(no guarantee spots will be available as teams could be full.

REGISTRATION CLOSES JUNE 1 or until teams are full

Birth certificate or Passport IS required for participation. You must have this in order to weigh-in.   

ALL grade MUST have a current grade school schedule to verify grade for FALL.

Physicals are NOT required. 

Any player returning from the previous year may choose to return to the
same team (if available) or go back into the draft. 


As the safety of all players continues to grow GYSF has specific rules on playing time per player.   Each level will have a different amount of required playing time rules.  GYSF teams are constructed through a Draft Process and No Player will be able to request a specific coach.  This has been the policy for many years and has proven to be successful.

3rd & 4th grade - 8 plays per game
5th grade - 6 plays per game
6th grade - 4 plays per game
7th & 8th grade - no minimum play rule

As the players reach this level and we are preparing them for High School, we have met with the High School coaches for suggestions for practices, drills, etc.  We are excited to continue to build our relationship with the High School coaching staff and develop our youth as student athletes of the Gretna Community and serve as a feeder team to Gretna High School.

** Due to the number of Qualified/Certified Coaches, most grades will only be able to support a certain number of players per team in order to ensure quality playing time.  A Pre-draft workout will be held on Monday, June 20, 2022 @ 6pm.  It is imperative that ALL players be at this pre-draft workout.  You can choose to return to the same team color as the previous season (if available), but there will be a maximum number of players allowed for each team and it is possible that some players will need to be turned away.  That is never GYSF's intention, but we take pride in having certified coaches on every team and this can be limited by the number of experienced volunteers.

IMPORTANT:  Depending on the numbers for signups, this will determine the number of teams for 7th and 8th grade GHS Feeder Teams due to the quality of coaching staffs it entails to develop each player.  All 7th and 8th grade players will need to be at the workout as there will be a maximum number of players allowed on each team.   If the maximum number of players is reached for each team, we remind you that the Gretna Middle Schools do have a 7th & 8th grade football team.  


February 14  Registration OPENS 
May 1  $10 OFF Discount ENDS 
May 5  Registration closed for 3rd-6th
June 1  Registration CLOSES for 7th & 8th 
June 6 or 13 Uniform Fittings - Payment Due 
June 20 Pre-Draft Workout (3rd-7th grades) 6pm
July 17 Equipment Checkout 
August 1Practice Begins
Mid/End AugustWeigh-ins @ Gretna
TBD Jamboree Scrimmage 
TBD  MYFL Friendship Tourney (optional) 
September 4Games Begin (Labor Day)
October 16 & 23Playoffs (all teams)
October 29 3rd & 4th place Championships
October 30  1st & 2nd place Championships 
TBA - November Equipment Checkin 
Helmets ONLY will be worn the First TWO Days of practice to follow the
Heat Acclimatization policy that has been put into place by the NSAA.

Playing Teams from MYFL Omaha League.

Games on Sundays Only.


1.  Shoulder Pads provided by GYSF & returned.

2.  Practice Pants / 7 pc Pads provided by GYSF & returned.

3.  Game Jersey & Game Pants provided by GYSF are yours to keep @ season end.

4.  Mouthguards provided by GYSF and must be worn at practice & games - (extras $1)

5.  Player is responsible for purchasing a WHITE Helmet (No tinted shields) - Reconditioning Expectations

6.  No metal Football cleats