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Gretna Flag & Tackle Football and Cheer (GYSF)


As we are nearing the end of the season, please SAVE THE DATE for TACKLE Equipment CheckIN

MANDATORY TACKLE Equipment Checkin:
 Sunday, November 5 from 12pm- 130pm 
@ Community Self-Storage Units directly across from the Middle School front Parking Lot -
same place you picked up your equipment 

NEED 100% Check-in  ---- NO EXCEPTIONS!!! -- 
Volunteers needed to help, please email [email protected] if interested.

This is a DRIVE-THRU process and only takes about 5 minutes to drop it don't have to get out of your car.  If you cannot be there at this time, you MUST get your equipment to your coach to turn in BEFORE this day.  Cleanliness & Late fees will be accessed and your child will not be able to play next season until these are paid. We need to get this equipment secured in storage for the winter and would appreciate doing this all at the same time. 

We were almost 100% last year turned in at check-in and this was AMAZING!!!  It makes for a VERY inconvenient process after the fact if uniforms are turned in late, so please do everything you can to make this date work. Volunteers have places to be so be considerate and plan ahead.  

NOTE:  Please WASH jerseys & pants before turning in. Please help us prepare for next season by checking over your pants. If all snaps are in tact, no rips in the knees, etc. please put the 7-pc pads back into the pants & attach to snaps as if getting ready for a game. If there is anything ripped or broken, please leave the 7-pc pads out & let the volunteer know when dropping off that they need repair.

COACHES:  We need all your equipment turned in as well...bags, first aid kits,
footballs, extra jerseys/pants, water bottles, etc.

Practice Pants, 7pc pads for pants, Practice Jerseys, Shoulder Pads
KEEP your White & Gray Game Jerseys & Black Game Pants for Memories

Volunteers needed to help, please email if interested.

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